Child Abduction Services Knows Best

You know what’s great? Using Child Abduction” Services to bar parents from taking their newborn baby home. It’s nice to know that the state has this kind of power to protect our children from those evil little serfs we call parents. Take this instance:

“They said, ‘Well, if you leave the hospital I’ll have to arrest you and your husband.'”

Cecilia is referring to the police officer who was sent to her room just hours after giving birth, all because she and her husband told the nurse they didn’t want to keep Lilia overnight in the NICU to be treated for jaundice.

I guess I don’t really have grounds to make a complain if the parents if the parents were going to put the child’s life in danger. It would be crazy to let the parents go against the wishes of the doctor… oh wait:

The couple says it got a second opinion and spoke with a pediatrician at Summerlin Hospital, who agreed that it would be okay if the couple took the baby home with minor jaundice as long as they signed a medical release form.

What the Hell? The doctor signed off on the parents taking the baby home and yet Child Abduction Services were still called? Who the Hell called them?

But the nurse they originally worked with called Child Protective Services to report these new parents for not agreeing with the recommended hospital care.

Oh, it seems the nurse knew more than the doctor. Likewise the goons send by abduct the child also knew better than the doctor. I must have missed when they changed the curriculum for nurses and government stooges. At what point did the required education for becoming either involve heavy training in pediatrics?

Yes this is yet another case of the state coming in and imposing its will against the slaves… er, citizens, of the United States. It’s also frightening to see that the recommendations of a doctor will be completely ignored by the very goons who are supposed to protect children from abusive situations.