Something You Don’t See in Minnesota

What happens when you’re a criminal who just robbed an Apple Store? In Minnesota you probably will get away scot-free. In Chula Vista, California although the citizenry aren’t allowed to carry firearms private security guards are then thus robbing an Apple store is likely to get you shot:

Three people attempted to burglarize an Apple Store in Chula Vista Monday morning, leading to a shootout with a private security guard and a getaway car crash that left one of the burglars dead, police said.

This is yet another California thing that baffles me. The state is so dead set against firearms owned by the peasantry but allowing private security guards to have them while Minnesota is more than happy to give firearms to the peasants but reluctant to allow private security to carry them. The correct thing to do would be allow both to carry a means of self-defense but that sadly isn’t the case.