More Zero Tolerance Stupidity

Zero tolerance is synonymous with zero common sense. I like to think of zero tolerance rules as the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) checkpoints at airports. Much time an is dumpt into enforcing TSA and zero tolerance rules but neither has lead to any instances where people were protected but wouldn’t have been had the checkpoints of rules not been in place. Well here’s another one for the record books:

Harassment, Disorderly Conduct – On March 24 police charged a student they say is responsible for writing a note that referenced a gun. “Gun 25 Love It” was found written in a girls bathroom at Saucon Valley Middle School, and police subsequently compared students’ handwriting samples with the handwriting found in the bathroom, reviewed surveillance video and confronted an 11-year-old female suspect, who they say admitted to writing the note. The juvenile has been charged with both misdemeanor harassment and disorderly conduct, police said. Several other incidents involving the discovery of notes referencing a gun and specific days or dates have been reported at both the middle school and high school since February.

I could see the kid being made to clean the writing off whatever wall she wrote it on. Hell in a twisted sort of way I could see some validity in a charge of vandalism. But harassment? Who did she harass? Why were the police even involved in this situation? This sounds like something a school administrator should have taken care of. Oh, yeah I forgot the word gun appears which instantly means we need to call in the police and charge the kid with some kind of crime. I guess you need to start charing children with trumped up crimes early so they get used to the police state when they’re adults.