Because They’re Better Than You and Me

Getting a permit to carry in California is almost impossible unless you’re rich or politically well connected. I also learned that it’s illegal to carry in their state capitol unless you’re a law enforcement officer or a legislator:

When state lawmakers return to Sacramento this week, a few will carry guns. Four members of the Assembly have been given permission to carry concealed weapons in the Capitol.

Anyone entering the Capitol building in Sacramento passes through a metal detector at a security checkpoint. State law prohibits concealed or deadly weapons in public buildings, including the Capitol.

But law enforcement officers are exempt – and so are legislators under limited circumstances; the Assembly or Senate sergeants-at-arms can give permission for a lawmaker to carry a concealed weapon.

See, they need to be protected from us serfs. If they allowed lowly serfs to carry guns who knows what kind of terrible things could happen. Hell just look at all the shootings that have occurred in the capitol buildings in Texas and Minnesota… you know all zero of them.

You have to love how California legislators can’t carry in the state capitol under “limited circumstances” which basically amounts to asking permission from your fellow legislators. Then again these are the same punks that can also give themselves raises. I believe we should hold legislators to the exact same standards as actual productive people. Thus if you or I can’t carry at the California state capitol neither should those critters who call themselves “representatives.”

2 thoughts on “Because They’re Better Than You and Me”

    1. Minnesota is plenty free. We’re free to shut up and do as we’re told, we’re free to fund private stadiums with increased sales tax, we’re free to carry at the capitol building so long as we submit a letter of notice first and hope to God they actually decide to not lose it, we’re just plain free up here.

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