Why People Should Be Allowed to Carry a Gun

Anti-gunners often claim there is no need for regular serfs to carry firearms. They go on about how the chances of somebody being attacked it almost zero and if it does happen you can just call 911 and a police officer will be magically teleported to your location instantly. Those of us who promote the right to carry see things quite differently. Every person should have the right to defend themselves regardless of where they are and the best tool for self-defense is a firearm. A story was posted on the Red Star that gives an example of one fo those situations where a firearm would have been good to have:

A St. Catherine University student reported that while she was out for a walk Sunday three men ambushed her and were laughing as they sexually assaulted her near the Ford plant in St. Paul.

The woman was sexually assaulted by three thugs. Disparity of force was obviously against her as there were three versus her one. Sadly she had no means of defense available to her at the time and ended up becoming yet another crime statistic. Yes these situations are relatively rare but go ahead and tell somebody who has been a victim of such a crime that these events almost never happen. Bad people do bad things to good people.

A firearm is an force multiplier. In a situation where the scales are tipped completely against you having a firearm will tip the scales back towards your favor (maybe not back into your favor but at least the scale will have moved a bit in your direction). One person with a firearm and the training to use it can stand against three assailants. Maybe the armed person won’t win every time but at least there is a chance and honestly many situations can be defused by the insertion of armed resistance.

The golden rules are always be aware of your situation and surroundings and have a plan.