Green as in Money

Yesterday I had the oil changed on my truck. I usually got to one of the Valvoline instant oil change places because then I can do it over lunch and as I live in an apartment complex I have no place to dispose of old oil thus it’s a pain in the ass to do it myself.

While they were changing my oil they did the usual attempt to up sell me on the synthetic oil. As usual I turned them down but then they tried to sell me on Valvoline’s new link of “green” oil. I shit you not, it was oil labeled as being more environmentally friendly and game in a green bottle. The guy claimed it had the same properties as regular oil and only cost $5.00 more. I politely informed him that I derive some pleasure off of irritating greenies and thus I’d stick with the non-green oil.

Either way I learned that greenies will pay extra for anything “green.” That’s great as the greenies get more green and the company making these “green” products get more green (money). Well I decided to look into this fancy new “green” oil and have come to the conclusion the “green” oil is actually recycled oil. I can tell you I’m already not a fan. Instead of putting new oil into my engine they’re trying to put reprocessed previously used motor oil into my engine… and they’re charing you more for the privilege! It’s a great little scam and I must applaud Valvoline’s marketing department for something up with such a great way to exploit environmental concern.