Just Doing Their Job

It often surprises me when anti-gunners claim us mere civilians shouldn’t be allowed to carry firearms because we lack the skill and training possessed by the police. Why does this argument surprise me? Because most police officers receive lackluster training with firearms which makes shit like this happen:

Sherronda Aycox was devastated over the loss of her 8-month old blue pit bull Capone, and for what she and her neighbors believe was dangerous and irresponsible behavior by Camden Police.

Aycox says Capone darted out of the partially opened door and toward the officers several houses down, who, according to residents, shot and killed the dog.

Aycox says police investigators told her 33 rounds were fired.

It took the police 33 rounds to hit a dog. I guess this is why the Brady Campaign believes they need 33-round magazines while you and I don’t, it appears to be an attempt to compensate for the polices’ apparent lack of training. The problem with being inaccurate with a firearm in a populated area is the fact those stray bullets have to go somewhere:

The dog was hit and fell in one area, but the bullets sprayed elsewhere, shooting out the window of a van that several women were getting ready to get into. The women say there were children everywhere.

Neighbors say several other vehicles were hit, and the bullets pierced a nearby home, hitting a window and a wall inside.

In this case they went into home and vehicles. It sounds to me like those officers need to be fired and the remainder of the staff should be taking lessons on handling a firearm in a high stress situation.

2 thoughts on “Just Doing Their Job”

  1. Firing 33 shots randomly into a neighborhood because of a non threat shouldn’t result in firing it should result in jail time for reckless endangerment. It’s to bad there wasn’t a citizen there to stop the dangerous active shooter.

    1. I agree but being the norm is offending officers are granted a paid vacation for a couple week I figured just firing them would be pretty unlikely. I’m not even going to try for actual punishment at this point.

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