White House Tried to Stop S&P from Downgrading the Country’s Credit Rating

Standard and Poor’s (S&P) recently downgraded the United State’s long term credit rating to “negative.” This isn’t surprising really as the United States government keeps spending more and more money which only leads us to spiral into deeper debt. It’s kind of like a person who has a maxed out credit card, makes the minimum interest payments, but their credit limit keeps getting extended and they keep increasing the amount on the card.

Well the White House wasn’t too happy with the downgrade and it seems they tried to stop S&P from downgrading the country’s credit rating:

Even though the White House has publicly downplayed the credit warning issued Monday from a leading agency, Obama administration officials were privately trying in recent weeks to convince Standard & Poor’s not to lower its outlook for U.S. debt from “stable” to “negative,” Fox News has confirmed.

I guess the White House found out that they can’t make secret deals with everybody.