SAF Sues Massachusetts Over Their Gun Ban for Legal Alien Residents

The Second Amendment Foundation (SAF) has quickly risen to being my favorite gun rights organization. Although they don’t have nearly as much money as the National Rifle Association (NRA) I feel SAF is better utilizing what they have by suing government entities that try to bar second amendment rights from people in the United States.

Their latest lawsuit is against Massachusetts. SAF is none to happy with the state’s law that prohibits legal alien residents from owning firearms:

The lawsuit alleges that Christopher M. Fletcher of Cambridge and Eoin M. Pryal of Northboro – both legal resident aliens – have been specifically denied the ability to obtain a Firearms Identification Card or a License to Carry of any kind. Before moving to Massachusetts, Fletcher lived in California, where he had a Basic Firearms Safety certificate and Handgun Safety certificate, which allowed him to purchase and own firearms including handguns. Pryal, who is married to a citizen of this country, and had a shotgun certificate and international dealer’s license while living in the United Kingdom.

SAF is really good at playing it smart with these lawsuits. They manage to find the best people who have been wronged by the government but have a background that makes it hard to argue said persons should be barred the right to bear arms.

It seems SAF really wants me to donate more money as they keep doing awesome things like this. Well I’m more than happy to oblige them.

One thought on “SAF Sues Massachusetts Over Their Gun Ban for Legal Alien Residents”

  1. I signed up for a lifetime membership with them at the end of last year. The nice part of SAF is they are 501c3 so you even get a tax write off for the donation. I see it as a 2 pronged attack. The NRA does the best job in the legislature and the SAF rules in the courts, so I think it is best to belong to both.

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