Congratulations Arizona

A huge congratulations needs to be given to Arizona as they have finally managed to score a perfect zero on the Brady Campaign anti-gun scorecard:

Gun-rights activists called Arizona’s ranking proof that they are successfully protecting gun rights, and they vow to continue their efforts. Gun-violence-prevention groups said it’s proof that the state is continuing to move away from the values of most Arizonans.

With the current legislation moving through Minnesota we’re trying our best to catch up with the great example being put forth by Arizona. Although I doubt we’ll be able to achieve the same score anytime soon I promise us gun owners are doing everything we can to ensure that we receive the best possible score.

3 thoughts on “Congratulations Arizona”

  1. We are at 6 in Texas about to drop to a 4 based on the parking lot bill passed so things are improving here. There is still a bit of hope for Open Carry as well.

  2. They just slipped campus carry in a Senate bill yesterday Texas could hit 2!!!

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