The Hypocrisy of Anti-Gunners

As I’ve said before on this blog there is one thing I hate more than almost anything else; hypocrisy. Nothing pisses me off quite as much as saying one thing and doing another. This ultimately is the biggest problem I have with anti-gunners; their entire argument is hypocritical. They want to ban firearms from civilian ownership and restrict them to government officials in the hopes of reducing violent crime rates. What they’re really advocating is violence by proxy. No better demonstration of this hypocrisy can be found than by former Chicago Mayor Daley:

After the Supreme Court smacked down Chicago’s gun ban last year, the gun grabbers scrambled to evade their responsibilities under the Constitution. Outgoing Mayor Richard M. Daley revised the Windy City’s gun laws to place so many obstacles on the path to gun ownership that few law-abiding citizens would succeed. Now we learn that Mr. Daley wants taxpayers to foot the bill for a team of armed bodyguards to protect him once he leaves office on May 17.

Even though he wants to ban the ownership of firearms within the city of Chicago (and everywhere else) he also wants guns to protect him. The difference is that he’s willing to risk other peoples’ lives to protect his own while most of us who advocate the unrestricted rights of gun owners want to take responsibility for our own lives. Mayor Daley has some brass balls for stopping the citizens of Chicago from obtaining a means of self-defense and then turn around and demand that tax-payers foot the bill for his personal body guards who will have guns.

Let me be the millionth person to say, “Fuck you Daley.”