Minnesota House passed The Defense of Dwelling and Person Act

It appears as through not every legislature is worthless as the Minnesota House ended up passing the Defense of Dwelling and Person Act. The vote ended up being 79 to 50 which isn’t as good as I would have hoped but it’s far better than the bill not passing. Now the Senate has to vote on it and Governor Dayton has to give it his signature. Although I hope this passes I’m willing to bet money that Dayton is going to veto it.

Make sure to send a message to the politicians who voted in favor of this bill and thank them. While you’re doing that also find a few minutes to contact the politicians who voted against the bill and let them kindly know that they’re unlikely to return to their position come next election cycle.

One thought on “Minnesota House passed The Defense of Dwelling and Person Act”

  1. How does a person thank so many (79) people? I would love to do that but I cannot see how to do a mass thanks. Can you tell me a process that would help me thank or warn so many people? How could I download the entire house and senate members and then send an email of support or one of condemnation to the respective groups? If you know a way, please let me know. I thank you in advance for your effort.

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