California Legislature Working on Banning the Open Carry of Unloaded Firearms

It seems as through the branches of the California government at working together to ensure citizens of that state stay defenseless peasants. First it is ruled that an unloaded firearm is effective for self-defense because it can be loaded and on the legislature front the California Assembly just gave the go-ahead to a bill that would ban the open carry of unloaded firearms:

Unfortunately, the California Assembly sided with the anti-gun extremists and passed Assembly Bill 144, the open carry ban bill, by a 45 to 29 vote. This bill now goes to the state Senate and will be assigned to the state Senate Public Safety Committee. Please call and e-mail members of the Senate Public Safety Committee and urge them not to fall for the rhetoric anti-gun extremists are touting about the open carrying of a firearm causing more violence.

The article has the contact information for members of the Senate Public Safety Committee. This is also where I usually make a smart ass remark about how Californians should flee the People’s Republic and come to free America but I don’t think the term free America is any longer valid. At least I can still say that some states of the Union are OK with the citizenry having a means of self-defense.

What the California government should do is ensure anybody who wants to carry a gun for self-defense is able to. Why? I’d normally write a spiel about the value of human life and why each person has a right to preserve their life but I don’t think the “representatives” in California care much for that argument. Here’s something they may care about though; dead people can’t pay taxes. The state of California is insolvent and needs money but if they don’t have citizens to pay taxes they’ll have less income. Criminals usually aren’t too keen on paying taxes so California really needs to rely on the lawful citizens. Giving these lawful citizens a legal means of self-defense will ensure they have the best possible tool available to preserve their lives and thus continue to be good revenue sources for the state.