It seems the Coalition to Stop Gun Ownership (Fucknuts) is having some problems with their Twitter account… namely it’s not there because they got their stupid asses banned. As you could see by my last post Fucknuts were “outing” gun bloggers by posting personal information. My life and identity are fairly public thus this didn’t concern me and I even tried helping them out by ensuring they posted about the correct Christopher Burg. Many gun bloggers like to have a semblance of anonymity and thus were none too happy with the shenanigans being pulled by Fucknuts.

Linoge took a few seconds to inform Twitter of the harassment being performed by Fucknuts and lo and behold their Twitter account went away. It seems Twitter isn’t very happy about the whole posting of private information thing. Too bad Fucknuts but it seems as though your attempt of winning through harassment isn’t nearly as successful as our winning through factual information.

I also would like to applaud Linoge’s method of dealing with these idiots. The e-mail he sent to Twitter was factual and to the point. Unlike the anti-gunners we pro-gun individuals prefer not to resort to lying to accomplish our goals.

EDIT: 2011-06-19 11:06: Corrected a couple of grammatical errors pointed out by my editor-in-chief Nicole.

2 thoughts on “Oops”

  1. It’s just a shame that Facebook doesn’t respect individuals as much as Twitter. They are even worse over there.

  2. Thanks… I tried to be as dispassionate about the situation as I could be: simply present the facts, and let the folks at Twitter decide what they wanted to do with the information. In reality, I was expecting them to do scant more than edit the tweets in question and warn CSGV against doing that kind of thing in the future; however, I am certainly not one to look a gift horse in the mouth.

    Hell, I was not even going to publish the email I sent to Twitter until CSGV started lying about my actions…

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