Fun With Shooting Sports

Being a gunnie is awesome. We get to play with devices that basically use controlled explosions to propel small projectiles at incredible speeds. Not only do we get to play with these devices but we keep coming up with more awesome ideas for sports involving these devices. Every Day, No Days Off posted about the American Zoot Shooters Association which is basically a multi-gun competition using Prohibition era firearms. Participants dress in era correct apparel making it similar to many of the cowboy action sports except the participants in the Zoot Shoots actually look good while shooting.

I seriously need to bring out my replica Tommy Gun and try this out someday.

3 thoughts on “Fun With Shooting Sports”

  1. Forget the replica, drop the 20k on an original. It is C&R so you can own it in MN (one of the few NFA exceptions there)

      1. Put aside $100 a month and in about 17 years, you could buy one, haha.

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