Oath Keepers March Against SWAT Team Murder of Former Marine

I’m still pissed about the the SWAT team fiasco that happened last month and cost Jose Guerena his life for doing nothing at all wrong. It seems I’m not the only person pissed off about this as a group of Oath Keepers in the area marched to honor Mr. Guerena:

The Oath Keepers came to Tucson on Memorial Day to honor Jose Guerena, 26, who was shot and killed May 5 while the Pima Co. SWAT team attempted to serve a search warrant at his home. The group marched to the Guerena home Monday and held a vigil to remember the father and former Marine. The Oath Keepers believe SWAT teams are being overused in the wrong types of situations, and that local law enforcement agencies should scale back their use.

The family of Jose Guerena still has many questions about the shooting that took his life. They walked side by side with the Oath Keepers, a group dedicated to protect the Constitution and the rights it gives. Founder Stewart Rhodes told 9 On Your Side the May 5 SWAT incident crossed the line.

“All you know is you got yelling men entering your home with guns in their hands, how are you going to react? it puts them in a no-win situation,” Rhodes said.

I think that last quote sums up the entire situation perfectly. When you have a group of armed men busting down your door there generally isn’t time to think “oh, I’m sure it’s only the neighborhood police.” Of course Mr. Guerena never fired a shot but was pummeled with at least 60 bullets let loose by the trigger happy SWAT team.

I think it would be appropriate to bring all the SWAT team members involved in the shooting up on charges of murder and let a jury determine whether or not their actions were warranted. Of course as members of “the only ones” that is unlikely to happen. The worst that will likely happen to those who shot Mr. Guerena is receiving a paid vacation for a few days before returning to duty.

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  1. I live in NY or i would be there with you all I just want to thank you all for marching for this US Marine where the hell are our elected ones this is an outrage more people need to stand up over this. I had a hard time to find any news on this.I am a (VERY PISSED OFF VETERAN) and I think alot of people do not know about this Step up Veteran groups and all Patriots

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