Police Arrest People for Feeding the Hungry in Orlando

It’s often said that people aren’t willing to help others like they used to. Many blame this on the fact that the population has become apathetic since the government involved itself with welfare, Medicare, and Medicade. The belief is people won’t help others because they think the government will do it. Well this is probably part of the reason but I think the other part is the fact the government has basically made it illegal to help others out. Take for instance the organizations Food Not Bombs who have been providing two meals a week in Orlando:

A group called “Food Not Bombs” serves two vegan/vegetarian meals in the Lake Eola Park in Downtown Orlando FL every week. They server breakfast on Mondays and Dinner on Wednesdays.

Of course what they’re doing is illegal because Orlando has an ordinance against sharing food with a “large group” in a downtown park more than twice a year. On top of that the city is also enforcing this ordinance:

The city of Orlando passed a controversial city ordinance that prohibits sharing food with large groups in a downtown city park more than twice a year. This ordinance was, of course, meant just for the “Food Not Bombs” group that did it twice a week. The group had been fighting the ordinance but lost a legal appeal in April. So they decided to keep serving the homeless and the hungry dispute the fact the ordinance could now be enforced. So far, according to the “Food Not Bombs” website, 13 have been arrest for feeding the homeless and the hungry in the park.

As is the general case when people give the government a big middle finger and decide they will continue helping those in need the government sent in their thugs to arrest the members of Food Not Bombs. Here’s the video of that fun little stunt:

Remember kids you’re not supposed to help those in need. Should you decide to do something as subversive as provide food to the hungry you will be arrested and if you don’t come willingly you will be forced to comply through the judicious use of violence. Shut up slave and do as you’re told.

The author of the linked article of course criticizes the actions of Food Not Bombs for disobeying the rules. It’s not the author’s fault for not understanding that the only way to get change in government is through disobeying their stupid rules. Once enough people are arrested and the public outcry is large enough these types of ordinances usually go away or at the very least the police get sick of enforcing them. It’s amazing how effective clogging up the court system and filling jails will non-violent individuals messes up the authoritarian’s little system.