Nanny State Still Thinks She Knows What’s Best

The nanny state never ceases to amaze me. When it comes to shitting all over your rights in the crusade to save yourself from yourself some states simply go above and beyond anything sane or rational. Iceland is now considering make cigarettes available by prescription only:

Iceland is considering banning the sale of cigarettes and making them a prescription-only product.

The parliament in Reykjavik is to debate a proposal that would outlaw the sale of cigarettes in normal shops. Only pharmacies would be allowed to dispense them – initially to those aged 20 and up, and eventually only to those with a valid medical certificate.

The radical initiative is part of a 10-year plan that also aims to ban smoking in all public places, including pavements and parks, and in cars where children are present. Iceland also wants to follow Australia’s lead by forcing tobacco manufacturers to sell cigarettes in plain, brown packaging plastered with health warnings rather than branding.

This will obviously obliterate the habit of smoking because nobody has been able to obtain prescription only drugs without a prescription… wait that’s the exact opposite of reality. Making something prescription only hasn’t prevented people from obtaining those things. All making something prescription only does is build the framework for a black market.

The other thing to note is the simple fact this law violates peoples’ rights as self-owners. As the owner of yourself you should have a monopoly on deciding what does and does not go into your body. If you want to smoke cigarettes then you should be allowed to, if you want to smoke marijuana no barrier should be placed in your way, if you want to shoot up heroine then you should have that right. I say this as a man who’s never smoked or shot up anything in his life, in fact I don’t like being around people who are smoking as I find the smell unpleasant. But what you put into your body is your damned business, not the government’s.

The prohibition against specific drugs in this country has done nothing to curb the usage of those drugs but has done a lot to create an environment of violence, both from the state trying to prohibition drug usage and the drug cartels who are fighting the state drug enforcement agents. Prohibitions only end up costing tons of money to accomplish nothing besides generating a body count. Making the use of specific substances illegal also prevent people wanting to kick their addition from doing so because they know that they’ll likely end up in a cage when they go to the doctor for help. Nothing good comes from prohibition but much evil does. Why any country continues to think outlawing substances will be a fix to whatever problems they have is beyond my understanding.