The Police Will Not Protect You

Those of us who advocate self-defense say it time and time again, the police won’t protect you. Not only has the Supreme Court ruled multiple times that the police have no duty to protect you but often time when called the police either show up well after the crime has completed, and that’s if they show up at all. The people of Alto, Texas are getting a real taste of this fact since the city laid off it’s entire police force:

Alto, Texas is preparing for a crime wave, after the small East Texas town put its entire police force on furlough, the Wall Street Journal reports today.

In an effort to save money, the city has laid off its police chief and four police officers for six months — longer if Alto’s finances don’t improve.

OK, it’s not quite as serious as it sounds because a nearby sheriff’s department is going to take over:

In the meantime, the county sheriff’s department will take over law enforcement duties for the town of 1,200, according to the AP. The sheriff’s department is already responsible for policing the nearby city of Wells, which laid off its sole police officer last year.

This still means that the town is going to have longer police response times since the sheriff’s department are likely spread thin already. Either way this is another classic example of why you should have a means of defense around your home (and on your person if possible). Not only are the police not required to assist you but they may go away on a whim because some town can’t balance its budget.

Having a firearm around the home is a good idea plain and simple.