And This is Why I Hate the United Nations

Even though the United Nations (UN) exists as nothing more than a big circle jerk for state it’s not the only reason I hate them. Members of the UN also finds time in their business schedules to do really really stupid things like putting North Korea in charge of nuclear disarmament:

Canada is boycotting a UN body dedicated to disarmament to protest against North Korea being named its chair, Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird announced Monday.

The Conference on Disarmament, where UN members negotiate disarmament and other arms control agreements, is heavily focused on the prevention of a nuclear arms race and nuclear disarmament.

This is the same organization that put Syria on their Human Rights Council after the state butchered citizens, so putting North Korea in charge of nuclear disarmament is simply par for the course.

The UN doesn’t just exists so world governments can sit in a circle and jack each other off while talking about how great they are, it also exists to promote the ideals of hypocrisy.