I Like This Idea, It Should Be Expanded

Although I’ve heard little talk about it I’ve found an interesting bill that I believe promotes a good idea. The H.R. 2411, The Reduce America’s Debt Now Act of 2011, would put a new entry on W-4 forms that would allow employees to voluntarily deduct portions of their paycheck to pay off the national debt.

What I like about this act is the fact it’s voluntary. In fact I like this idea so much I think it should be expanded to the point where all taxation is made voluntary. Do you think the government is doing a good jobs at spending your hard-earned money? Great, you can fork over money to them in order to continue receiving their services. Do you believe the government has done a horrible job at spending your hard-earned money? Great, you can take your money and buy services from a private provider.

I also hope this bill passes because I have an ulterior motive. I’ve mentioned that my circle of friends includes people who always say they would happily pay more taxes. When I point them to the address they can send their checks to I never hear them talk about all the money they voluntarily sent the government. Putting this on the W-4 form would make it easier for my friends to be hypocrites and to me that’s funny.