Government Harassment Never Ends

Remember the lady who is being harassed by her city government because she is growing a garden on her own property? Well it appears as though the governing body of Oak Park isn’t done harassing her yet and are now filing new charges against the woman for having unlicensed dogs:

Oak Park has dropped its case against a woman growing vegetables in her front yard, but she’s not out of the weeds yet, the city’s prosecutor said.

Julie Bass may still have to go to court this month — over her dogs.


That citation included violations for owning two unlicensed dogs. They are not licensed, but Bass said she took the vaccine information to court in June, where an impasse was reached over language in the ordinance and Bass asked for a jury trial. Her pretrial date for the garden issue had been set for July 26.

It seems the Oak Park authority weren’t too pleased with the responses they received from people pissed off that they were trying to nail a woman for utilizing her property in a manner she saw fit. Since they couldn’t win that war they dropped the charges and decided to go after her for something different.

I’m convinced that the only reason there are so many laws on the books is so the government can nail you for something when you irritate them. In this case they couldn’t get the lady on growing a garden so they moved on different charges. They’re putting all this effort into making this woman’s life miserable simply because she refused to submit and be an obedient little slave.

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