We Need More of This

What if there was an election and nobody ran? That’s what happened in the small North Carolina town of Tar Heel:

In the North Carolina town of Tar Heel, residents won’t have to worry about Big Government. It’s looking like No Government.

Nobody’s on the ballot for November elections, a county elections official told CNN Monday.

“The town had two weeks to file and no one stepped up to the plate,” said Cynthia Shaw, director of the Bladen County board of elections.

Granted this happened in a very small town but I’d love to see such things occur in large cities and even whole congressional districts. With very few exceptions those running for political seats aren’t doing it because they want to represent the people, they do it because they want power to wield of people. It would be nice to see people no longer jockeying for power or being willing to play the political game. As you can see by watching any major debate those outside of the political faction who want to control the everyday lives of American citizens are shut out by those inside. Politics is nothing but a giant play for power and we’re the ones who are getting fucked.

I wouldn’t feel bad at all if my congressional district had no “representation” at either the state of federal level. Why? Because having nobody willing to run would make the statement that there isn’t anybody in the district who wants to have power over others. On top of that anybody who would actually represent me is never going to get a voice in government bodies run almost entirely by statists, so what the hell do I care?