Saving Animals Made Illegal By Government’s Attempt to Save Animals

The government loves to arbitrarily declare certain spices of animals as protected. What does the government mean by protected? It means if you try to help one of these “protected” animals you’ll face fines and possible jail time just like this mother:

Eleven-year-old aspiring veterinarian, Skylar Capo, sprang into action the second she learned that a baby woodpecker in her Dad’s backyard was about to be eaten by the family cat.

“I’ve just always loved animals,” said Skylar Capo. “I couldn’t stand to watch it be eaten.”

Skylar couldn’t find the woodpecker’s mother, so she brought it to her own mother, Alison Capo, who agreed to take it home.


But roughly two weeks later, that same woman from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service showed up at Capo’s front door. This time, Capo says the woman was accompanied by a state trooper. Capo refused to accept a citation, but was later mailed a notice to appear in U.S. District Court for unlawfully taking a migratory bird. She’s also been slapped with a $535 fine.

This should serve as a good lesson to that criminal 11 year-old kid, don’t try to help anybody or anything because if you do the state will initiate violence against your person (or in this case your mom because you’re not yet old enough to be held legally responsible). If you see an animal in need of assistance let it die because if you help it you’re going to be punished for your good deed.

Remember it’s the government’s job to protect those animals and when the government claims a job they ensure they have a legal monopoly. Any competition will be smashed until the heel of legislation.