Britain Implodes

I leave for one week and Britain decided it would be a bloody good time to explode into riots. I’m a bit out of the loop since I was basically on communications blackout so I haven’t had time to look into these riots much but I have found some of the usual. From what I’ve gathered these riots started when a British police officer shot a demonstrator. It’s refreshing to see a population outraged at government abuse but when you start smashing windows of store owners who have absolutely nothing to do with the actions of government you lose all legitimacy immediately.

Needless to say this looks like a giant cluster fuck and will likely end in the British government passing a whole slew of new laws further restricting the freedom of people living in that country. I’m also sure that the rioters will be labeled as terrorists and a bunch of rhetoric will be spewed by the government in an attempt to strike fear into the hearts of British subjects.