Apple’s Response to the UK Riots

Let’s say you’re a store owner in a town that is being ravaged by riots, what do you do? If you’re Apple you move all of your inventory out of the store and close it down. That’s the best response a company could make in a place where violent criminals are attacking and looting private businesses. You’re far less of a target if you have nothing to take.

This is something that would also be smart for average people to learn. During times of civil unrest those who appear to have something worth stealing are more likely to be targets for the roving masses. Although a large number of random acts of violence will still make self-defense necessary, making yourself appears as poor as possible is one way to reduce the chances of you being directly targeted. Riots can often be kicked off by people angry with the actions of their government but it’s guaranteed that the rage of rioters will not be logically directed. As more and more people join the riots any possible message is lost as a large number of people will join in simply to loot and steal hoping they won’t get caught as there are so many people committing crimes. These thieves will target those who they perceive to have something worth taking so it’s smart to make it appear as though you have nothing worth their time.

Appearing as though you have nothing isn’t a fool proof way of voiding violence but it’s one additional step you can take in reducing your risk.