The UK Prime Minster is Spouting More Malarkey

The United Kingdom (UK) government had a meeting dealing with means of quelling the recent riots and instead of coming up with viable solutions they’ve simply come up with means of further tightening their grip of citizens. Not only have them discussed means of tightening their grip over the citizenry but they’re also making empty promises:

“To the law abiding people who play by the rules, and who are the overwhelming majority in our country, I say: the fightback has begun, we will protect you, if you’ve had your livelihood and property damaged, we will compensate you. We are on your side.

Emphasis mine. You guys have been doing a bang up job of protecting people so far. Why would the victims of the rioters believe their government is going to protect them now? Why didn’t the government start protecting the victims when the rioters came to loot and firebomb their homes? Give up? Because they can’t. There aren’t enough police in the entire UK to property defend the citizenry against all of the rioters. If the UK government was actually concerned with protecting the people living within their borders they would immediately life the ban on firearm ownership and allow people to have a means of self-defense.

Instead of allowing private individuals means of protection the UK government has come up with the following methods to curb the riots:

  • To look at whether it would be right to stop people communicating via social media when “we know they are plotting violence, disorder and criminality”
  • Plans to look at whether wider powers of curfew and dispersal orders were needed
  • New powers for police to order people to remove facemasks where criminality is suspected
  • Courts could be given tougher sentencing powers
  • Landlords could be given more power to evict criminals from social housing
  • Plans to extend the system of gang injunctions across the country and build on anti-gang programmes, similar to those in the US
  • He said the government would meet the cost of “legitimate” compensation claims and the time limit for applying would increase from 14 to 42 days
  • A £10m Recovery Scheme to provide additional support to councils in making areas “safe, clean and clear”
  • A new £20m high street support scheme to help affected businesses get back up and running quickly
  • Plans for the government to meet the immediate costs of emergency accommodation for families made homeless

So you’re going to try enforcing curfew (I’m sure the rioters will go home at night if you tell them it’s the law), possibly suspend free speech by closing access to social networking sites, go after anybody wearing a mask, and spend taxpayer money to compensate the victims of violence who’ve been left defenseless because of your laws? Well I guess they have this entire situation solves and everybody can return to their tea and biscuits. Mission accomplish boys!

You can see me shaking my head as I type this but I must say the entire UK government must be a bunch of fucking idiots… never mind I already knew that.