Ron Paul Introduces Legislation to Abolish Federal “Gun-Free Zones”

I have no idea how this news passed me by but Ron Paul once again demonstrates his awesomeness; this time by introducing H.R. 2613, the Citizens Protection Act of 2011. The legislation, if passed (which it never will be sadly), would abolish federal “gun-free zones” (more accurately known as victim disarmament zones) at K-12 schools. This would allow teachers and faculty to carry while performing their jobs as teachers which could greatly reduce the damage psychopaths would be able to inflict should they decide to shoot up another school.

One of the reasons schools are targets of shootings is because the shooters know that their victims will be disarmed due to federal mandate. It’s apparent that they select their targets based on the defenseless nation of their victims because they quickly commit suicide at the first sign of resistance (usually 10 to 15 minutes after they start, which is how long is usually takes the police to respond). Having teachers and faculty on campus able to provide resistance would likely make many people with malicious intent in their minds consider a different target, or if not that, would provide quick responding resistance which would likely end the event much sooner.

Sadly this bill will likely never pass but it does demonstrate that Ron Paul really intents to reduce the power government has over our lives, unlike his competition for the Republican presidential nominee.