The State Protects Its Own Again

Remember the Ohio police officer who threatened to murder a person who was legally carry a concealed weapon? Obviously after such an egregious incident the officer was criminally charged right? Nope! As wizardpc shows us the officer in question is getting the usual punishment:

In a letter to Harless, Police Chief Dean McKimm said after reviewing the report, he finds there is evidence that the officer violated the three rules cited by internal affairs. Harless faces punishment ranging from 30 days off work to being fired, McKimm said.

Bill Adams, president of the Canton Police Patrolmen’s Association, said he would decline comment on the case until the disciplinary hearing takes place.

Harless was put on paid administrative leave in June and more recently went on sick leave. Harless is using his allotted and accumulated sick days, which is paid time off work, McKimm said.

He may lose his job… perhaps. But until the hearing is held (where he’ll be allowed to keep his job I’m sure) he’s on paid administrative leave. That’s right, he threatened to murder a person he’s supposedly charged with protecting and the taxpayers have to pay for this vacation. Isn’t that nice? The state always watches out for its own at the expense of those it rules over.

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