Shut Up Peasant

Remember slave, defiance of the government will not be tolerated:

More than 200 people were arrested outside the White House Saturday following two weeks of protests directed at President Obama in an effort to persuade him to deny final permitting of a controversial 1,661-mile pipeline that would carry oil from Alberta, Canada, to Port Arthur, Tex.

The arrests follow more than 1,000 arrests made since protesters arrived in late August to conduct sit-ins along Pennsylvania Avenue.

Those damned people peacefully assembling to demonstrate their opposition to something the government is proposing! How dare they defy the will of the government! Don’t they know there are procedures in place to contact “representatives” to voice opposition? After all it’s much easier to ignore the peasantry when they’re sending letters and making phone calls than it is when they’re physically in front of the White House yelling.

2 thoughts on “Shut Up Peasant”

  1. Wow. While I can honestly say I’m not surprised that this administration is doing this, I still feel like a part of me died inside. This is absolutely disgusting. We are no longer a free nation, and we are accelerating down the highway toward tyranny at an alarming rate.

    1. I don’t think we’re accelerating down the highway towards Tyranny, we entered Tyranny a while back and we’re just driving aimlessly in the city now. Sadly there are no signs and the only people you can ask for directions are government agents who point you in circles so that you can never escape.

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