Abandon All Hope Ye Who Enter Here

It seems the California senate has voted, not surprisingly, in favor of shitting all over the rights of its citizens again. This time the California senate voted in favor of banning the act of openly carrying an unloaded firearm:

The state Senate acted Thursday to prohibit California handgun owners from openly carrying their weapons in public, siding with law enforcement officials who say it wastes their time responding to false alarms of armed suspects and creates a risk of confrontation.

Current law allows the open carrying of unloaded handguns in public, and many activists have exercised their right by showing up in large numbers at their local Starbucks or other public places, wearing their firearm in a holster. Sen. Kevin DeLeon (D-Los Angeles) said there is no reason for that to happen in 2011.

Yeah there’s absolutely no excuse for those stupid peasants to exercise what few rights their rulers allow them to have! How dare they abide by the law in a manner their princes and barons disapprove of! The act of openly carrying unloaded firearms may slightly inconvenience a police officer on a power trip! This will not stand!

Seriously Mr. DeLeon what the fuck is your problem:

“This is not the wild west,” DeLeon said during the floor debate. “How discomforting can it be if you walk into a restaurant, a Starbucks, a Mickey D’s and all of a sudden you see someone with a handgun?”

Yeah that’s pretty discomforting. I know I freak right the fuck out every time I see a police officer enter a restaurant or coffee shop. Oh I forgot, because of their sanction from the state it’s OK when they do it, it’s just not OK for any of the peasants to do it. I keep forgetting about the government’s double standards.

Considering the real problems California is facing it’s rather sad to see their government spending time further restricting the rights of the citizenry. Perhaps if those “representatives” spent half as much time working on real problems California wouldn’t be as much of a shit hole as it is. Never mind since working to “fix” problems is what got that state in the position it currently is.

If you live in that state you should give serious consideration to moving out while you still can; you never know when the state Soviet will decide to erect a wall between California and the rest of the United States.