Thanks Bernanke

Against all logic Ben Bernanke has come out and stated that the Federal Reserve will be performing yet another stimulus plan and needless to say the stock markets aren’t taking the news too well:

US and Asian shares have fallen after the Federal Reserve launched a scheme – dubbed Operation Twist – to help stimulate the flagging US economy.

The Fed will sell about $400bn (£260bn) worth of bonds maturing within three years and buy longer-term debt.

They should have called it Operation Rolling Thunder since the Federal Reserve’s plan appears to be an attempt to bomb the world markets into submission through the use of bad monetary policy. What the Federal Reserve seems to believe is that they can fix the problem they created by using the same strategies that landed us in this depression in the first place. I’m guessing Bernanke doesn’t have a stove in his home since he seems like the kind of person who would touch a hot burner and never realized that touching it again will lead to more pain.

If you guys want to fix the economy then get the fuck out of the way and let the free market correct for your constant interferences.