There is a Law Somewhere They Can Use

Our so-called justice system has many flaws including the fact that there are so many laws on our books that it’s impossible for a person to actually be considered innocent in a court. If the state wants you gone they can make it happen because they know somewhere on the books there is a law you’re violating right now and all they must do is find it. Case in point demonstrators on Wall Street are being arrested for violating a 150 year-old law against wearing masks:

New York City police monitoring a social media-fueled protest in Manhattan’s Financial District have charged demonstrators with violating an obscure, 150-year-old state statute that bans masked gatherings.

Since Saturday, five people connected with the protest to “occupy” Wall Street have been issued a violation for running afoul of the antimask law, according to police.

First of all everybody who knew that there are protests going on on Wall Street raise your hands. I’m not expecting many hands to be raised since the media hasn’t been covering this at all but alas these protests have been going on since Sunday:

The protest against U.S. banking institutions began Saturday, drawing hundreds from across the country.

Police blocked off several streets in lower Manhattan, directing protesters to Zuccotti Park. On Monday afternoon, sleeping bags, tents and a potluck buffet were set up in the park to accommodate demonstrators.

Either way this 150 year-old laws is being used simply because the state doesn’t like the fact that these people are exercising their right to peaceably assemble. I can see how it unfolded now; some higher up got upset at the fact that people were causing an inconvenience by protesting and told his army of lawyers to, “Find something, ANYTHING, that we can use to get these fucking peasants off the street!” After receiving their orders the army of lawyers descended upon the local law library and began digging through every book, binder, and filing cabinet to fulfill their quest of finding the holy law. One of the lawyers eventually yelled out, “AH HA! I FOUND IT!” and presented a 150 year-old manuscript to his master who rewarded the lawyer with the promise of a barony promotion.

Laws need expiration dates. Personally I believe every law that is passed should have a mandatory expiration date of one year. If the law isn’t renewed a year from it’s passing or renewal it expires and everybody who was fined or imprisoned for violating that law is refunded and freed. This could help reduce the number of laws on the books as they would need to be debated every year when their expiration date approached. Or we could simply not allow laws creating victimless crimes from being legally enforceable.