Californians Push Back

The California legislature recent passed a law that prohibits denizens of the state from openly carry unloaded handguns. It’s nice to see some people with spines still exist in California and are pushing back:

Fremont, CA – October 22, 2011 – In response to the governor’s recent signing of AB 144, a bill to ban the Open Carry of handguns, the Responsible Citizens of California (RCC) is organizing twin meet-up events from Noon-1PM on Saturday, October 22, 2011 at the corner of Hesperian Blvd. & Bayfair Drive in San Leandro and the corner of Felspar and Ocean Front Walk on Pacific Beach in San Diego. These will be the first kick-off events of Unloaded Open Carry of Long Guns (rifles and shotguns) held simultaneously in both Northern and Southern California.

Let me just say from the bottom of my heart that those participating in this event are awesome. When the government pushes us we need to push back. Nothing like a little friendly protest to keep those bureaucrats aware that we are actually paying attention to what they’re doing.

A tip of the old hat goes to Uncle for this story.