It’s Only Counterfeiting When We Do It

Six suckers here in Minnesota decided they were going to wedge in on the government’s business and print up money. Unfortunately for them the government gets upset when others try to move in on its business:

Albert Lea resident Heather Ann Cameron, 34, pleaded guilty in federal court Thursday to one count of counterfeiting U.S. currency. She entered her plea before U.S. District Court Judge Ann D. Montgomery.

In her plea agreement, Cameron admitted that from December 2010 through June 2011, she chemically washed $5 bills and reprinted them as $100 bills. She admitted she intended to defraud businesses by passing the bills and then receiving actual money and goods in return for them.

Her husband, Travis Allen Cameron, 31, of Albert Lea pleaded guilty Monday to the same count, admitting that he produced altered bills, which were sold for about 50 cents on the dollar.

Obviously they didn’t understand that only the government is allowed to counterfeit in this country. When they crank up the printing press it’s called stimulus but when a private individual does it it’s called counterfeiting. Either way the result is inflation but the damage caused by a handful of individuals increasing the “value” of pieces of paper by printing higher values is minuscule compared to the rampant damage to purchasing power caused by the United States government prints off trillions of dollars.

Each defendant in this case face up to 20 years in prison. If they get 20 years for counterfeiting tens of thousands of dollars then the goons in the Federal Reserve and Treasury should be getting life without the possibility of parole.