There is Something Seriously Wrong with Our Legal System

Let me just take a second to say our “justice” system is all sorts of messed up. When a person gets punished harsher for possessing child pornography than for actually molesting a child things need to get changed:

A jury convicted Vilca on 454 counts of possessing child pornography, one for each image found on his computer. Under Florida law, each count is a third-degree felony punishable by up to five years in prison. Sentencing guidelines indicated a minimum term of 152 years, although Collier Circuit Judge Fred Hardt had discretion to impose a lighter sentence if he concluded it was justified by factors such as constitutional infirmity or Vilca’s mental health. “Had Mr. Vilca actually molested a child,” The New York Times notes, “he might well have received a lighter sentence.”

Emphasis mine. Cases like this aren’t isolated incidents. Our “justice” system is full of disproportional punishments as noted by people who have sat in prison longer for possessing small amounts of marijuana than many others have of murdering fellow human beings. People love to say the punishment should fit the crime and I agree, unfortunately that’s now what happens in this country.