Obama is Tackling the Hard Deficit Problems

While government debt has been spiraling out of control Obama has finally taken a stand and signed an executive order that will surly help bring the debt back under control:

US President Barack Obama has ordered government departments to cut back on the number of branded mugs, t-shirts and key rings they give away.

Such items, known as swag, are paid for by taxpayers, and are used by the government to promote its work.

The president has also ordered government departments to issue staff with fewer electronic devices, such as smartphones and tablet computers.

With such decisive action we don’t even need to take a look at the money we dump into war, welfare, Social Security, Medicare, Medicade, worthless government departments, etc. I’m sure we can expect more actions like this that may very well save us a few billion dollars in our multi-trillion dollar deficit. Wow, when I say it like that it makes the actions of our President look pointless and futile.