My Favorite Thing About Neocons

My favorite thing about neocons is their naive belief that various government agencies can be reeled in or reformed. While this belief is annoying it is also kind of cute. It’s like looking at a child who hasn’t had a chance to fully experience the world and thus still holds the belief that good can be found in everything.

Sadly most neocons haven’t learned from reality and thus still hold theses naive beliefs. Take one neocon’s remark about the Transportation Sexual Assaulters Security Administration (TSA), she posts a horrific story of sexual abuse performed by a TSA agent and then points out the fact that the TSA isn’t about security:

Is there anyone out there who still believes that all this has anything to do with safety? It does not. These procedures are simply “security theater,” and when a traveler like Tabitha ops out of the potentially carcinogenic scanners, he or she has inconvenienced the TSA workers, who then retaliate by making the pat-down as invasive and unpleasant as possible.

I’m with the author up to this point. Unfortunately in the commends she makes a statement that demonstrate her ignorance regarding government agencies:

Stricty speaking, I’d like the TSA leashed, rather than completely abolished.

Of course this is the same woman who said she wanted to see at least one Republican candidate address the problem of the TSA and when another commenter pointed out Ron Paul she simply dismissed him as a racist and 9/11 truther (neither of which are true). This being the case I don’t expect much logic coming from her as she’s living in a world of cognitive dissonance by believing government agencies can be reformed and that the Republican are somehow different than the Democrats.

Government agencies can’t be reformed. Once the government obtains power over a market they never willingly relinquish it. The TSA is a great example of this as they moved in on the airport security market and are now expanding out to drug enforcement in Tennessee.

Hell the TSA are becoming more corrupt by the day. Yesterday as one of my friends was going through the airport she said a TSA agent pushed her into the radiation scanner before she had any chance to opt-out. I wasn’t even surprised in the slightest to hear that as the TSA are power hungry authoritarian assholes who have no problem pulling such stunts to exercise their authoritah.

As a completely unrelated side note the site I linked has the web address How can you have a [neo]conservative commune? There is only one thing neoconservatives hate more than individual freedom and that’s communists.