Newt Gingrich Believes We Need to Allow Terrorist Attacks

Do you want to see a walrus stick its flipper in its mouth? If so here’s a video of it:

Yes that was Newt Gingrich saying it would have been smart to allow some terrorist attacks to succeed once in a while to make Americans understand why they need their government. Do we really want such a piece of shit in office?

Truth be told the reason we haven’t had a successful terrorist attack since 9/11 is because the only few attempted attacks had been total failures. Some idiots attempted to blow up airplanes using explosives hidden in shoes, underwear, and water bottles only to be thwarted by passengers because they weren’t about to see another 9/11 happen. These weren’t prevented by the government, they were prevented by people willing to take their self-defense into their own hands.

There was the incident in New York which amounted to nothing although it was interesting to see how the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) basically urged the guy to perform the attack and even provided him with all the explosive ordinance to boot.

Shit heads like this guy have managed to be political players for decades. Reflect on that for a bit, a guy who believes the government should have allowed a few terrorist attacks to succeed has held office in this country and is currently being held up as the star Republican nominee. I’d weep for this country but I’ve already reached the acceptance stage of greif.

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