ATF Planned to Use Fast and Furious to Advance Gun Control from the Start

To quote Spider Jerusalem, “Paranoids are just people with all the facts.” When news of Fast and Furious first broke many in the gun community theorized it to be a plan for the government to advance gun control. Others called those of us who theorized this crazy, paranoid, or conspiracy theorists. Well guess what? Those people can suck on it:

ATF officials didn’t intend to publicly disclose their own role in letting Mexican cartels obtain the weapons, but emails show they discussed using the sales, including sales encouraged by ATF, to justify a new gun regulation called “Demand Letter 3”. That would require some U.S. gun shops to report the sale of multiple rifles or “long guns.” Demand Letter 3 was so named because it would be the third ATF program demanding gun dealers report tracing information.

On July 14, 2010 after ATF headquarters in Washington D.C. received an update on Fast and Furious, ATF Field Ops Assistant Director Mark Chait emailed Bill Newell, ATF’s Phoenix Special Agent in Charge of Fast and Furious:

“Bill – can you see if these guns were all purchased from the same (licensed gun dealer) and at one time. We are looking at anecdotal cases to support a demand letter on long gun multiple sales. Thanks.”

Emphasis mine. Read that and let is sink in, let it sink in deep. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) were just caught red handed. We no longer have to theorize if Fast and Furious was meant to be a tool to advance gun control, e-mails obtained from the agency prove it. No ifs, no ands, and no buts; just pure proof that this entire scheme was, at least in part, meant to be a tool used by out government to justify further gun control.

Is this what Obama means when he said his administration was looking to advanced gun control under the radar? I’m not sure but certainly would not be surprised if this was the fact.

Let me put this as clearly as possible: your government doesn’t love you. Your government’s only interest is in controlling you and part of establishing that control is disarming the populace. They have attempted to do so openly for most of a century and now that they’re facing strong backlash as people no longer buy into their bullshit about the need to control guns to reduce crime they’re using more covert methods. They lied to you and tried to cover up their little mess when it all blew up. Fast and Furious was never meant to be made public and probably wouldn’t have been if it wasn’t for the unforeseen consequence of Border Patrol agent Brian Terry being murdered with one of these smuggled weapons.

The republic is dead, welcome to fascism.

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  1. I want criminal prosecution and convictions all the way up to the impeachment and conviction of Dear Leader.

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