Making a Watch List and Checking it Twice

Our government appears to be taking a page from Santa Clause, they’re making a list and checking it twice. Unlike Santa who makes a list of children to bestow presents on, the federal government is making a list of people who may post any difficulty in the establishment of a totalitarian America. As Rand Paul explained in a speech people who store more than seven days of food are now considered potential terrorists by the Department of Motherland Homeland Security (DHS):

Some people may consider such accusations crazy but those accusations seem to be constantly reenforced by the actions of federal agents. For instance a recent action but government thugs reenforces Rand Paul’s claim that the DHS considers those who store food potential terrorists:

Oath Keepers, an association of active servicemen devoted to upholding their oath of guarding the republic and protecting individual liberty, has reported that federal agents recently paid a visit to a Latter Day Saints food storage cannery in Tennessee. Though they had no reason to be there, these agents allegedly interrogated the facility’s manager and demanded to see a list of customers that had purchased, and were storing, food there.


Oath Keepers suggests the government might be trying to gather intelligence on food-storing Americans in order to later come and confiscate that food, or worse — after all, freedom-loving patriots who are preparing for social upheaval are a threat to the power structure that seeks to tighten the noose of tyranny around the neck of society.

When Stalin came to power he implemented agriculture collectivization under the guise of increasing the Union’s food production. Before collectivization the Soviet Union was one of the largest grain exporters in the world, after implementation millions of the Union were starving. It became apparently very quickly to those living in the Soviet Union that collectivization wasn’t about increasing agriculture productivity but control over the food supply. Controlling the necessities of survival means control over the dependent populace.

It is possible that federal agents are trying to obtain a list of people storing food so that food can be confiscated during a declared emergency. On the other hand the government may have no plans of confiscating said food but merely desire a list of people who may be a barrier between the establishment of a totalitarian regime.

There was a time when I would have thought such ideas to be mere conspiracy theories subscribed to by overly paranoid individuals. Unfortunately with all that has been going on such as Fast and Furious being used to justify enhanced gun control, the authorized murder of American civilians without trial, the almost unhindered passage of the National Defense Authorization Act in the Senate, and many other enhancement of government power I can no longer ignore the obvious advancement of tyranny in this country. Our country appears to be following the textbook examples of other countries that moved from relative freedom into complete dictatorships.

If you believe the United States of America is still the land of liberty you’re not paying attention.