The Truth Behind Firearm Regulations

Via gunnit I came across a picture that basically sums up every major firearm regulation in existence:

Most states won’t let you carry gun… unless you pay the state money. You can’t ship gun powder and primers… unless you pay the shipping companies more money. You can’t own a supressor, machine gun, short barreled rifle, or various other cool guns… unless you pay the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) money. Firearm regulations aren’t about keep guns from criminals, by definition that’s impossible, they’re about making money off of gun owners.

When you think about it every regulations is simply about money. Do you want to drive a car? That fine, you can so long as you periodically pay the state a fee to hold a driver’s license and pay another annual fee to have a license plate sticker that may protect you from being pulled over. Do you want to build a house on the land you purchased? That’s fine, they’ll let you so long as you purchase a building permit. Do you want to dump toxic waste into a water supply? That’s fine, just pay us money for an exemption and you’re good to go.