Today I Learned Firearms Edition

If you visit any gun forums you’ll get your fill of herp and derp. Most of the time the signal to noise ratio is pretty high though so you over look it, not with the Discovery Channel Firearms Forum. From this forum I’ve learned a great many things. For example I learned there is a version of the Galil Rifle I had not previously known about:

I would love to see you guys work with a Galil, personally my favorite is the Galil SAR 7.62 caliber 50-round clip.

First of all the existence of a Galil that feeds from clips was entirely unknown to me. Second it sounds as though the clever creators of this Galil have somehow integrated the clip into the rifle. We also have a kid inquiring about dual wielding AR-10s:

duel ar 10s

the ar 10 is in 308 and to stop the spent shells from hitting the other gun should you use one left handed model on the left so the shells are ejected out eater side

I imagine the AR-10 must be much lighter than my LR308 because I can barely wield that heavy bastard one handed. I’ll have to keep watching that thread to more insider information on dual wielding AR-10s. Have you ever wondered what would happen if you shot a machine gun upside down? No? Well this guy has:

Ok here’s a weird question for everyone.Has anyone out there fired a fully auto gun upside down and if you did, did the barrel feel like it wanted rise up or pull down when it was butted up against your shoulder.Please let me know and have fun with it.I have a feeling that a lot of ammo is going to wasted on this question.

I have a feeling no ammunition will be wasted on that question because you’re going to be hard pressed to find somebody stupid enough to try it. At least I hope you’ll be hard pressed because a whole lot of stupid is involved in that idea. Another kid has an idea that must simply be patented; converting a .50 AE Desert Eagle into a .50 BMG Barret rifle:

I was wondering if you could make a pistol into a rifle.

Like a Dessert Eagle turning into something like a Barrett 50 Cal.

Or a Magnum or another kind of Large Cal. Revolver turning into a rifle.

I’d ask why but I don’t want to know. Have you ever found bullets boring? Did you stop a think, “God I wish my gun show ninja stars!” No? Well then you’re not this guy:

Well, were do i start.
I,ve had this idea for 17 year now.
Sort of a ballesta type rifle that shoots a ninja star. The ninja stars would be a six star type, in a magazine like if in a cd case. As the stars are “hurled” out, the come out spinning.
Now, there should be magazines of about ten or more stars in each. The magazine could be mounted on top and feed the weapon from above. Ive seen these stars with holes in the middle, so the rifle could “grab” the stars by the hole, move it towards the front, then the “pin” lowers, letting the star continue its course.
What do you guys think????

This guy has had this idea for 17 years? That means he has to be at least 17 years but more likely he’s notably older as cognitive capabilities don’t develop when we’re first born. Still if somebody is 17 years-old and still thinks this is a good idea then… well then it’s just sad.

I could go on but I think I’ve made my point. The derp is extremely strong with this forum and is bursting with comedy gold. You don’t even need to dig, just look at the surface and you’ll find stuff to laugh (or sigh) at! The absolute lack of proper spelling and grammar is also oddly funny and depressing at the same time.