Be Careful When Buying a Used Vehicle

If you live in the state of Ohio you’ll want to look over the next used car you buy with great care, not doing so may get you nailed with a felony charge this plan goes through:

A hidden compartment in your vehicle, with or without drugs, could mean big trouble as Ohio officials get serious about slowing down drug-smuggling.

A proposed state law, advocated by Gov. John Kasich, would make it a fourth-degree felony to own a vehicle equipped with secret compartments. A conviction would mean up to 18 months in jail and a potential $5,000 fine.

The insanity of this drug war keeps reaching new heights. Just the idea of having a secret compartment in a vehicle being a felony is ridiculous. What’s next? Having a concealed pocket in your jacket being a felony? You know I probably shouldn’t be giving the state any ideas.