That Sounds Familiar

We’re going to play a game, it’s call guess what device I’m talking about. This device, at one time and possibly still today, required a buyer to get permission from the police to buy, required a fingerprint of the device be submitted to the police if the purchase was approved, had to be surrendered to the police if the previous permission is revoked, couldn’t be purchased by convicted criminals, and the police were to be notified within 24 hours of the device being lost or stolen. What do you think the device is?

If you guessed a firearm you’re incorrect. The correct answer is a typewriter:

Romanians now must seek police permission for owning a potentially dangerous weapon — the typewriter.


Under new procedures:
–Typewriter owners must submit written applications to police for permission to keep or buy a machine, then wait for an answer.
–If the application is approved, the owner must submit a type sample of numbers and letters for registration with authorities.
–If the license is withdrawn, owners must sell their machines within 10 days to a state-run shop. Private sale is forbidden, but the owner is allowed on appeal.
–Typewriters will be denied to people who have a criminal record or pose “a danger to the public order or state security.”
–Police must be notified within 24 hours of the loss or theft of a typewriter, and their rental or use outside the registered owner’s home is forbidden.
–Penalty for failure to comply with the law is $240 and confiscation of offenders’ typewriters.

This was printed in The Telegraph on April 30th, 1983. Reading through it I was able to check every single bullet point off when I replaced the word ‘typewriter’ with ‘firearm’ and applied the list to what gun control advocates have been demanding. It seems obvious to me that the gun control crowd has been pilfering communist regimes for ideas on laws that they should push regarding firearm control.

Just like communist regimes of the past, current advocates of controlling tools desire power. The communists hoped to oppress all criticism by making it illegal to criticize communist and controlling means of producing written material. Gun control advocates hope to cement the state’s power to rule over our lives by disarming the people. Deep down inside gun control advocates fear individual liberty and demand the state be allowed to control the lives of every man, woman, and child. In the state’s absolute control the gun control advocates can absolve themselves of responsibility for their personal defense by gaining a scapegoat, an entity to blame, when they are subjected to crimes of violence. Instead of saying “I fought and lost” they want to say “The police never arrive, I couldn’t do anything, it’s not my fault, the police were supposed to protect me.”

The gun control advocates’ willingness to surrender all of our rights to comfort themselves is the thing I find most disgusting about them.