An Inconvenient Truth

Les Jones has a post detailing a rather major lie told by MSNBC regarding the Zimmerman case:

Jake caught MSNBC Dowdifying the 911 call in the George Zimmerman/Martin Trayvon shooting. Here’s what MSNBC has George Zimmerman saying on the 911 call:

This guy looks like he’s up to no good … he looks black,” Zimmerman told a police dispatcher from his car.

That sure makes Zimmerman sound racist, doesn’t it? But notice the ellipsis. Those three dots indicate that something’s been edited out. Here’s the full, un-Dowdified quote from the 911 recording:

Zimmerman: This guy looks like he’s up to no good, or he’s on drugs or something. It’s raining and he’s just walking around, looking about.

Dispatcher: Okay, is this guy, is he white, black, or hispanic?

Zimmerman: He looks black.

And with the filling in of three little dots meant to indicate abbreviation holes are shot through the theory that Zimmerman was obsessed with race. If MSNBC lied about this what else may they have lied about? Why are they working so hard to make this case about racism? Why are they actively working against finding real justice? Is it because they don’t want a valid self-defense case coming out in positive light? Is it because they are racist against hispanics like Zimmerman? Who knows, but we do know they lied and that bring everything else they’ve said about this case into question.

I also rescind my previous theory that Zimmerman was a man with a hero complex. As more evidence has trickled its way past the media censors the picture of an angry man with a gun and a vendetta against black people is quickly dissolving. Underneath evidence of Zimmerman being attacked can be seen leading the way for a valid self-defense claim. We can only sit and wait for the grand jury to look at all the available evidence and decide whether or not it’s enough to take this case to trail.

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    1. I would argue there is no difference, in fact they may be the same person. Has anybody ever seen them together?

      EDIT: Great, now people are going to claim I’m racist.

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