You Can’t Rely on the Police

Those of us in the gun rights community say it time and time again; you simply can’t rely on the police. While a violent burglar is kicking down your door the police are outside setting up a perimeter :

The incident unfolded at about 11:40 p.m. in the 300 block of SE Fifth Street, as deputies responded to a report of someone roaming around the neighborhood acting strangely and banging on the walls and doors of homes.

As officers searched the neighborhood for the suspect, they heard a loud crash at a home down the street, said Cindy West of the King County Sheriff’s Office. At the same time, they received a 911 call from the owner of the home saying that someone had broken in.

As deputies set up a perimeter around the home, they heard loud noises coming from inside. Deputies then received a second 911 call from the homeowner saying that he had shot the intruder.

A lot of good that perimeter did. Let this be a lesson to people, even when the police do manage to arrive before your untimely demise they’ll be too busy dicking around to actually come in and help you. Stories like this demonstrate the fact that police are merely the cleanup crew, they exist to find the guy who killed you. Of course finding the guy who killed you is pretty pointless when you’re, you know, dead. Thankfully the homeowner in this story had a means of self-defense at hand otherwise he’d likely be another homicide statistic.