Blackwater, or Whatever They Call Themselves Today, are Up to No Good Once Again

When the United States “left” Iraq we apparently forgot to take our Blackwater Xe Academi mercenaries with us. What happens when you leave a bunch of unaccountable crusaders behind in an Islamic country? Shit like this:

Stumbled upon this video that allegedly shows Blackwater contractors going wild in Iraq. Here is the original video description posted with this: “Videos posted by Harper’s Magazine show the private contractor formerly known as Blackwater in Iraq running over a woman with a car, smashing into Iraqis’ cars to move them out of the way and firing a rifle into traffic. The behavior by Blackwater seen in the videos adds even more fuel to evidence that the company “encouraged and rewarded the destruction of Iraqi life.”

With top notch employees like that it’s not wonder many Iraqis hate our guts to this day.