Libertarianism Outside the United States

Many people often claim that libertarianism is a phenomenon restricted to the United States. This is hogwash. Libertarianism is everywhere people are burdened by the state they live under. Take for example India:

Picture found on Reddit

The list he’s holding is just a sample of the monetary burdens imposed upon him by the Indian state. When you read through it you become aware of just how many different taxes, fines, and fees a business man ends up paying to the state. Everybody who claims some people aren’t paying their “fair share” can shove it because the “fair share,” according to the state, is everything you’ve got.

2 thoughts on “Libertarianism Outside the United States”

  1. We paid 28% in income to the Fed this year and another 7 or so to the state. With that money we could have bought a car outright or a home in foreclosure or a lot of smaller major purchases. What do you think would help the country out more?

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