Romney vs. Obama

With Santorum pulling out, Gingrich remaining entirely irrelevant, and the Inner Republican Party members doing everything in their power to prevent Ron Paul from getting the nomination it appears as through this election will likely boil down to Romney vs. Obama. I’ve already stated my opion about a Romney vs. Obama election but I think it’s time we stop, take a deep breathe, and consider the wisdom of George Carlin:

2 thoughts on “Romney vs. Obama”

  1. Yep and now because of our system of candidate selection we have a choice between an out of touch rich bastard who wants to exceed all of the powers of the office, and an out of touch rich bastard who has already exceeded the bounds of his office. Fuck it all 51% of everyone deserves what they voted themselves into and most of the other 49% thought that by voting for the other guy things would be less bad.

    1. When your choices are a tyrannical dictator or a tyrannical dictator it doesn’t matter how you vote, you’re still getting a tyrannical dictator. It still floors me that some people think one tyrannical dictator is somehow less tyrannical and therefore should be supported by the people. People need to wake up and stop supporting tyranny in any shape or form.

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